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Mental Health Technician

Undergraduate level

Our Mental Health Technician Certificate Program prepares you to assist with the health needs of patients with emotional or mental disorders or challenges. You'll learn skills to support individuals' emotional and psychological well-being professionally and ethically.

Some of the settings where you may find mental health technicians include hospitals, human service agencies, schools, and any other clinic or organization that provides emotional or mental health care. Agencies are looking for entry-level professionals who can understand care plans and know how to communicate and interact with their diverse teams.

Courses in this certificate include:

This course emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to successfully work with mentally challenged, emotionally disturbed, or psychiatric patients. The concepts of informed consent, basic patient's rights, confidentiality, documentation, professional communication, and best practices are explored. Course Prerequisites: None
This course examines the characteristics of patients with psychiatric disorders. Students will learn about effective communication and ethical behavior with patients and their families as well as service agency staff. Prerequisites: HS 110
This course introduces students to crisis intervention, therapeutic communication, reporting potentially dangerous behavior, and implementing recommendations from interdisciplinary teams working with patients and their families. Prerequisites: HS 110 and HS 111
This course focuses on the daily administration of providing patient care. Students will learn about assisting with rehabilitative activities, developing communication and human relations skills, fulfilling environmental and legal responsibilities, understanding advanced care directives, and discharge planning. Prerequisites: HS 110, HS 111, HS 220

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