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Intelligence and Security Strategy

Undergraduate level

Designed to support students in the fields of security and intelligence, whether the military or private or public sector, this certificate introduces students to the basic theoretical foundation and practical application of national security, strategy, ethics, intelligence, and counterintelligence. The certificate consists of three courses.

Courses in this certificate include:

This course introduces students to national security as a concept, strategy, goal, and challenge. It examines the dangers and threats that exist domestically and internationally and analyzes how the United States attempts to deal with those challenges using strategies that range from diplomacy to military force.
This course introduces students to intelligence and counterintelligence as concepts, processes, and careers. It elaborates on historical and contemporary approaches to I/CI. The process of intelligence collection, analysis, research dissemination, consumption, and feedback is examined. Students are exposed to the diverse Intelligence Community (IC) and the responsibilities of its various members.
This course introduces and engages elements of theoretical and ethical analysis to empirical topics and subject matter. Some of the issues covered will include war, weapons of mass destruction, humanitarian intervention, globalization, and spying. This course explores the deeper underlying philosophical issues within national security.

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