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Bellevue University is all about giving you the education, tools, and tips you need to be strong and confident in your current position and stage for whatever is next.

As the employee of a valued Bellevue University education partner, you receive all these resources free.

Agile Project Management

Take Charge of Change

Thought Leadership in Project Management

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Tools You Can Use to Advance Your Career

Charles Wright, Bellevue University's Director of Undergraduate Admissions, talks about why the University offers free career resources and how to make the most of them.

Agile Project Management with Dr. Emad Rahim

Agile Project Management

These 12 principles will help you complete your projects faster and with higher quality.

Presented by Dr. Emad Rahim, award-winning author, educator and Bellevue University professor.


Taking Charge of Change

Taking Charge of Change

Ryan Avery is THE world-renowned keynote speaker who works with individuals and companies to move from A to THE®. He worked with us to design this series of short webinars that address the change and fatigue we all may be feeling now. Watch these webinars and get inspired to move from Fatigued to Fulfilled.


Thought Leadership in Project Management

Thought Leadership in Project Management

This series features leading corporate project managers. They are interviewed by Dr. Emad Rahim, award-winning author, educator, TEDx Speaker and Bellevue University's Kotouc Family Endowed Chair at Bellevue University.


Summer FUNdamentals webinar series

Summer FUNdamentals Webinar Series

Take a short break this summer to learn about topics that can expand your opportunities, or just give you something fun to think about.

All five webinars in this series are on-demand and last about an hour.


Take 10 Timely Tips

Take 10 Timely Tips:

Information we all can use to stay safe and productive.

This series of five short (10-minute) webinars is packed with tips, tricks, and information geared to help you and your team cope with changes in our work environments. From the leader in online learning, Bellevue University.


FREE Professional Development Webinar

Becoming an Elite Leader

Professional Development Webinar On-Demand

Watch as Jon Markwardt discusses his book, The Grass is Browner, elite leader edition.

Here's what you will learn:
  • The importance of growing your career and becoming indispensable to your company
  • The key to becoming an Elite Leader
  • Six Attributes of Leadership and how anyone can implement them



SMART Goals help you operate smarter.

Download this free poster to keep the keys to SMART Goals in front of you all the time!


Take 10: 10 minute learning break

Take 10: How to earn your bachelor's degree with LITTLE to NO out-of-pocket funds.

Take 10 minutes to learn how affordable your bachelor's degree really is. This free, on-demand webinar covers 9 tips that save you $$$ on your bachelor's degree. That's nearly one tip per minute in this 10-minute webinar.


5 Reasons Why So Many IT Projects Fail

5 Reasons Why So Many IT Projects Fail

Execution is where "the rubber meets the road" as they say. Dr. Emad Rahim, an internationally respected expert on Project Management, and head of Bellevue University's Project Management education, provides a clear and simple summary of what to watch out for on your next project.


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