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Master of Business Administration (Cohort MBA)

This is the MBA for aspiring leaders. It takes the traditional MBA to the next level of performance by building in mastery of decision-making skills, collaboration, and communication. Offered as a cohort, you join with motivated learners from across the country and form valuable professional networks that you keep throughout your career.

Admission requires only a completed application and satisfactory completion of a bachelor's degree. Bellevue University does not require you to take a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) for entry into their program.

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Courses in the major include:

Develop knowledge of fundamental business functions and processes, including management of human capital, marketing, operations, and finance and apply this knowledge to real business problems in a variety of organizational settings.
Understand financial information used to assess a company's current performance, future risks, and business opportunities. Learn how to read and interpret financial statements like the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.
Focus on the human and structural aspects of organizational management at the individual, group, and organization levels. You will assess, evaluate, and apply evidence-based management practice and theory leading to performance outcomes.
The use of a variety of business analytics techniques, including quantitative and qualitative descriptive analysis tools, to support informed decision-making serves as a major focus of this course. Techniques addressed include tabular and graphical displays of data such as the bar chart and histogram, numerical measures such as the mean and standard deviation, and linear regression. Critical evaluation of actual business scenarios will be conducted during this course. Cross-listed with MSF 624 MBA 624 Prerequisite: MBA 500 and MBA 520
Integrate classical marketing theory with innovative marketing techniques and tactics to support a firm's overall marketing and business strategies.
Learn about a variety of contemporary leadership theories and suggested methods for developing leadership capacity at the individual and organizational levels. Effective communications and the role of personality types are also considered.
Learn how to evaluate foundational accounting concepts that impact performance, including cost-volume-profit analysis and the balanced scorecard to support budget preparation and variance analysis to improve company performance.
Learn how to evaluate financial performance and strategies to use limited resources to optimize the financial value of a business. Key elements include assessing financial performance, understanding financial and economic markets, computing the value of money and cash flows over time, performing risk analysis, and project valuation.
Emphasis is placed on the operational activities that successfully create and deliver products and services across the entire supply chain from the raw material to the final product. Included is the development of those performance skills which enhance the supplier and customer relationships and the order fulfillment activities. Techniques addressed include demand forecasting, quality performance analysis, and productivity measurement. Prerequisite: MBA 641 and MBA 655. MSBAN Prerequisite: MBA 520 and BAN 600. MSA Prerequisite: MBA 624. MAQC Prerequisite: MBA 641
This capstone course gives you an opportunity to integrate and apply strategic performance principles presented in the MBA program. Experience is gained in formulating key strategic, financial, marketing, and operational decisions necessary to operate a successful business and measure their success doing so.

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Your SHRM or HRCI® certification is valued at 6 credit hours (2 courses) toward the Master of Science in Human Resource Strategic Management.

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